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We recognise that the world is changing fast and that we need to explore new ways to share the good news of Jesus with people today. As podcasts and online magazines have gained more interest in recent years, we’ve also expanded our effort to meet the growing demand for online resources. For this reason, we have developed Alah ma’ana magazine and Middle East Agape Radio to reach worldwide, bringing timeless truth directly to Arabic listeners’s devices and helping them devote each day to matters of eternal importance.

East Agape ministry did not begin with a set plan but start instead with seeking God’s guidance by listening to people as they engage with and seeking out key people with whom to connect (often called people of peace).  This listening process is foundational to all of our East Agape ministry.

Middle East Agape Radio

As we hear faithful biblical teaching, we’re continually transformed by the renewal of our minds. The Middle East Agape radio is here to provide Christ-centered encouragement.

Alah ma’ana magazine

Is a magazine that helps the readers grow as followers of the Scripture who can apply it faithfully. Also we post thought-provoking articles to help and encourage the Arabic speakers to know about the Lord Jesus Christ.

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If you’re interested in getting some daily encouragement, want to join, or start a conversation this is a great place to do it.

Join our ever growing community today, and visit our First Steps page to get an overview of all the ways to get involved with the MEAM.


Your financial support helps us with ongoing expenses of reaching people worldwide with the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom! Please consider becoming a Promise Partner with a monthly/yearly financial gift, or give a one-time donation.

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Christian Books

Free Christian books on Spirit filled living, revival, supernatural ministry, healing, deliverance, miracles, gifts of the Holy Spirit, marriage and family, being led by the Spirit, God’s guidance, faith, renewing the mind, inner wholeness, and much more….

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