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Left to ourselves, we worry that our circumstances are beyond God’s control, as though our lives are the exception to God’s sovereign rule. We must remember that God will provide for us because he Love us first. He is the perfect Father. He loves and forgives His people.

Our relationship with God is based on what Christ has done for us.

As we hear faithful biblical teaching, we’re continually transformed by the renewal of our minds. The Middle East Agape radio is here to provide Christ-centered encouragement.

All day. Every day. Whether at home or on-the-go.


Has God used The Middle East Agape radio to help you weather difficult seasons? Or increase your joy in Christ in the midst of the daily grind? Or make you a greater blessing to your family & friends?


Need a little boost in your day? If you’re interested in getting some daily encouragement, want to join, or start a conversation this is a great place to do it.

Join our ever growing community today, and connect with Middle East Agape radio on Facebook to make Facebook a source of encouragement, a way to connect with our staff, and place for you to connect with friends.

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GR 11528


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Middle East Agape Radio exists to proclaim the Gospel through media to be biblically grounded, practically trained, and to engage the world through Gospel-centered living.

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